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The Paris Review Blog is Now On Instagram

It had to be done. Follow my Instagram Account. Apparently the written word can only carry us so far, so you can now admire The Paris Review Blog on Instagram. Follow me! My user name is MissCocoMae. Let’s build an online photography community of readers and writers. Let me know what stories, authors, or intellectual thoughts you […]

“Why My Twitter Account Makes Me Old-Fashioned” Revisited

In honor of being freshly pressed, I would like to share a beloved article with my new followers. If you have not seen it, here is “Why My Twitter Account Makes Me Old-Fashioned.” An interesting read about how we can make Twitter into our own party of sorts. Join the party by following me on […]

Lit By Lightning: The Transcendence of Zachary Quinto’s Performance in The Glass Menagerie

It has been said, time and again, that the secret of success is to write what you know. This is no truer for any writer than for Tennessee Williams. Williams seems to have the entire library of American archetypes in his coat pocket; with ease he can pull out a completely dimensional woman of the South, […]

Feminine, Not Feminist

As I’m sure only a few of you know, yesterday was feminist Simone de Beauvoir’s birthday, which awoke within my mind thoughts upon the subject of femininity. If you are not familiar with de Beauvoir, you are likely aware of the effects her feminist philosophy has had on society, from the simple action of women […]

Why My Twitter Account Makes Me Old-Fashioned

As writer of The Paris Review Blog, I of course follow The Paris Review on Twitter. After spending this morning reading through the account’s tweets, I realized the suddenly obvious paradox of my actions. If I call myself a writer, why would I be subjecting myself to the horrors of the social media world, where […]

Thoughts on Thoreau and the iPad

If you have read Walden, then the thought of Henry David Thoreau’s pensive seclusion in his beloved forest would perhaps convince you to throw away your idealistic values of print publishing and purchase an iPad in hopes ofsaving a few trees. But is Walden Thoreau’s way of telling Americans to appreciate the forest, or that […]

A Transcontinental Breakfast

  The Paris Review Daily is inspiring its readers with a New Year’s resolution for 2014: to travel more, but within one’s own backyard. I know, there’s nothing quite as culturally exhilarating as wining and dining one’s way through continental Europe with the occasional literary lesson—I myself am no stranger to the way certain sensational and intellectual […]